The History of Aunt Orphia's Delicious Homemade Pound Cake Company


    Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cake Company

began in the Spring 2006. The company is named in honor of

my mother, Orphia Davis-Adams (now deceased). This secret pound cake

recipe was passed down to me from her. She used to bake these delicious 

homemade pound cakes for family and friends during the Holiday

seasons and special occasions.

    Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cake slices were first

introduced and sold on several Lunch carts on Temple University’s

main campus in Philadelphia, PA. Presently, our pound cake slices can

be purchased at Cafes, Mini Markets, Catering Companies,

Supermarket chains and Bookstores throughout the Delaware Valley. 

    What makes Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cakes so

unique and popular is our naturally, delicious100% butter rich flavor

and light texture. It’s the pound cake you adore and come back for more!

We at Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cake Co. continue to

strive to be the best tasting Pound Cake on earth!!!



Orphialasertrella Adams-Taylor










"Aunt" Orphia Davis Adams with her husband

of 48 years, Samuel Morral Adams

"Aunt" Orphia Lucy Amanda Davis Adams

"Aunt" Orphia was co-owner

(with her husband,

Samuel Morral Adams)

of a food market stationed in

North Philadelphia.


Aunt Orphia Pound Cake Company, 

P. O. Box 6512, Phila., PA 19138  



Email:         Phone: 215 927 1543



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